Fly By Night - Feature Film

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Fly By Night - Feature Film

FLY BY NIGHT is a twisted road movie, a psychological and physical conflict that plays out on the motorway to London and in an anonymous suburban house operating as a drugs factory.

Living alone in Luton, sixteen year old LUNA dodges nosy social services - she's off-grid, but she's doing fine. Her situation changes when her best friend SHEL (18) starts going out with a drug dealer, ED (20s), drawing Luna into a twilight world of drug couriering. Unknowingly, Luna and Shel have edged out Ed’s other worker, unstable freebooter PABLO. When a young female student they sold drugs to becomes dangerously ill, Ed shuts up shop and leaves town, taking Shel with him. Luna and Pablo are left behind.

When the police start to look for the gang, Ed's boss tells him to destroy all evidence of their operation. Ed calls Pablo. Desperate for an opportunity to get back in with the gang, Pablo abducts Luna, sedates her and takes off for Croydon where Shel and Ed are holed up in the drugs factory.

While Pablo spirals downwards over his future in Ed's gang, Luna sets about trying to escape. Then, the news comes – the student has died; an order comes from above to kill Luna, obliterating all ties between the gang and the girl. After an epic struggle, Luna manages to overpower Pablo and determined to avenge the girl's death, goes on the warpath, with dramatic and emotional consequences.

FLY BY NIGHT is a film about twisted loyalties, friendship and redemption.

Director: Oliver Murray
Writer: Susie Farrell
Producer: Louise Palmkvist