Bangers - Short Film

A short film about the world of British 'Banger' racing. Bangers was premiered by Nowness in January 2015:

Director Ollie Murray talks about the inspiration behind his elegiac short:

"What struck me was how after weeks of working under the bonnet of these beautifully hand-painted cars, the race teams delight in sending them off to die in the ring like gladiators in an ancient chariot race. Most of the cars are so beaten up that they have to be carried off by fork-lift trucks. 

"That's where I got the idea of using a funeral march in the soundtrack. The challenge we set ourselves was to harness all this violence and chaos and turn it into something poetic and graceful. Thanks to the Spedeworth Motorsports racers for letting us bring a camera into their world."

Director & Producer: Ollie Murray
DOP: Richard Dunton
Editor: Annie Perri (Work Post)
Colourist: Eva Pomposo (MPC)
Sound Designer: Jon Clarke (Factory Studios)